Abraham Lincoln Edit

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest and most influential presidents of the United States of America. His legacy includes unifying the Northern States with the Southern States during the civil war, as well as abolishing slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. These are feats that allow his legacy to move on. But what most people don't know is that even after his death, his body moved on as well- all across the country. In this article we will explore the travels of Abraham Lincoln's corpse.

Funeral Tour Edit

After his assassination, Lincoln's body was saved using several preservatives. As a final parting memory, his body was then taken on a two week tour around the country. The tour included stops at 400 cities, travelling 1600 miles on a train. Along with him, his son, William, who had died of Typhoid Fever at the age of 11, was also brought along. The tour gave the citizens another opportunity to mourn the loss of one of the greatest presidents in American history. The train journey went across more than 400 train stations, including stops in Philadelphia and New York City, before arriving at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

Public viewings were scheduled to coincide with the train journey. Lincoln's mummy was put on display for the public to see.

Lincoln's corpse had been placed in a special funeral car, to prevent damage to his body. But it soon began to decay by the time it arrived in New York City.

Present Day Location Edit

Lincoln, his wife and three youngest sons, now lie in the Lincoln Tomb. The Lincoln Tomb is a commemorative structure, which was named one of the first United States' National Historic Landmarks.

Lincoln's body was moved 17 times before being entombed in its current location. Ten feet of cement and steel ensures that it will take a lot of time and effort to move (or view) the body, as there have been previous incidences in which his body had been attempted to be stolen.

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