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==Biography== The remains of this adult (estimated age from 25 - 30 years) male were found in Arizona by Dr. Earl Morris, an archaeologist, in the early 1920's. This mummy was determined to be the well preserved remains of a member of the Anasazi, a Native American group. The mummy died at approximately 600 AD, due to cranial trauma resulting in a hematoma which is suggested by an unhealed fracture in the skull. This man was found with an infant which was determined to have been approximately 1 year old at its time of death, near the same time of death as the adult. No specific cause of death has been determined. Both mummies are now displayed at the Museum of Natural History in the United States.

==Mummification== The specimen was preserved well and found to be in excellent condition during the autopsy. It was naturally mummified, as despite the fact that the body was only placed into the cave wrapped in a fur blanket, the cave in which it was placed was extremely dry, therefore halting the process of decay.

==Pathology== There was little to no evidence of any disease relating to the death of this specimen.

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