Children of Llullaillaco
Country Chile
Gender Two females, one male
Discovered 1999
Carbon 14 Dating

1500 CE

(513 years ago)

Age 15 (The Maiden), 6-8 (Lightning Girl), 7-10 (boy)
Cause of Death Sacrifice, hypothermia
Other Names Children of the Cold

The Children of Llullaillaco were discovered in 1999 by Johann Reinhard. They consist of two girls and one boy, ages 15, 6-8 and 7-10, respectively.


The fifteen-year-old girl, dubbed "La Doncella" (translated to "The Maiden") had no injuries, however, it was evident that she had been drugged by cocoa leaves and a type of maize beer. She likely died in her sleep. The second girl, known as the "Lightning Girl" was The Maiden's half sister. She did not have injuries prior to death, but her body had been struck by lightning sometime after her burial. The boy mummy was a different story, having bound tightly that his ribs were cracked and his pelvis was dislocated. He appeared to have died under a great deal of stress.


Statues made of precious metals were found with the children, as well as headdresses. It is believed The Maiden was an Accla, being a child raised in luxury, who would later be sacrificed to ensure good harvests.

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