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Jeremy Bentham, the once famed English Philosopher, living from the 15th of February 1748 to the 6th of June 1832, was well known for his coining of the term utilitarianism, referring to the evaluation of actions over consequences. He was well known and followed by a group of "disciples", one of which, Thomas Southwood Smith being responsible for Jeremy Bentham's opportunity to become one of the more modern mummies.

Smith, having kept Bentham's body after he had passed, on Bentham's wishes, was to dissect his body with the help of a team of medical students.

Bentham's head and skeleton were kept in preservation and were put into a wooden box for safe keeping. His remaining body was dressed in his own clothing and stuffed with hay in order to give him a full, and human look.

In 1850, eighteen years after his death and mummification, Bentham's mummy was bought by University College London, and has been on display there ever since.

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