Abraham LincolnAdult Male Anasazi Mummy, Museum of Natural HistoryArtemidorus, British Museum
Beauty of XaioheBlue Bonnet BabyCherchen Man
Children of LlullaillacoChinchorro Mummies of ChileClonycavan Man
Copper ManElling WomanElmer McCurdy
Girl of the Uchter MoorGrauballe ManHazel Farris
Jeremy BenthamJohn TorringtonKayhausen Boy
Lady DaiLindow ManLittle boy of Pompeii
Loulan BeautyMeenybradden WomanMummy 1770
Mummy JuanitaMummypedia WikiPorchabella Glacier Woman
Rosalia LombardoSan Pedro Mountains MummySarita
Siberian Ice MaidenSkrydstrup WomanTollund Man
Windeby IYde GirlÖtzi
File:100px-Moora Digital Face Reconstruction.jpgFile:2CE706C900000578-3253660-image-a-10 1443541008000.jpgFile:2CE706D900000578-3253660-image-a-9 1443541007997-0.jpg
File:2CE706D900000578-3253660-image-a-9 1443541007997.jpgFile:2CE7673500000578-3253660-The boy cast pictured in the foreground before going in the CT s-m-42 1443541647077.jpgFile:Chinchorro.jpg
File:Elling Woman.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Iceman-mummy-finds-his-closest-relatives 1.jpgFile:Juanita.jpgFile:Juanita reco.jpg
File:Lady Dai.jpgFile:Lady Dai reco.jpgFile:Loulan Beauty.jpg
File:Loulan Beauty reco.jpgFile:Meenybradden Face.jpgFile:OetzitheIceman02.jpg
File:Rosalia.jpgFile:Sara Sara Mummy -2 Female mummy (Sarita).jpgFile:Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.12.43 PM.png
File:Skelett Moora Denkmalinstitut.jpgFile:SkrydstrupWoman.jpgFile:Ukok Princess.jpg
File:Ukok princess reconstruction.jpgFile:Untitled presentation.jpgFile:Wiki-background
File:Windeby I upper-body.jpgFile:Yde-girl.jpgFile:Ydegirl.gif

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