Yde Girl
Pronunciation EE - dah
Country Netherlands
Gender Female
Discovered 1897
Carbon 14 Dating 54 BCE - 128 CE

(1,885 - 2,067 years ago)

Age 16
Cause of Death Strangulation, stab
Other Names None
Facial Reconstruction
Artist Richard Neave

Yde Girl is a female bog body.


A CT scan suggested that she was 16 years old when she died (her wisdom teeth had neither formed roots nor erupted).{The scan also revealed that she had scoliosis or curvature of the spine she was a little more than 4.5 feet tall. Part of her right foot appeared swollen, as if she placed most of her body weight on that side from scoliosis wich may have been one of the reasons she died}. Scientists have speculated whether this abnormality had any impact on the cause of her death. Carbon-14 dating suggests that she died in the first century A.D.


Yde girl died from a belt being wrapped around her neck and a stab wound on her collar bone. Some archaeologists believe she was asleep during her murder, because of the "peaceful expression" her face wears. This also suggested that she was sacrificed as it wouldn't have been as peaceful otherwise.


Richard Neave, an English artist created a wax model of what the Yde Girl may have looked like when alive. Neave is also responsible for the reconstruction of Lindow Man and Welsh murder victim Karen Price.

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